Services & Rates

Hypnotherapy Sessions

$150 per session

Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, phobia control, stress or pain management and past life regression. Private or group sessions. House calls available. 3 Session rate: $300.00. First session is about and hour and a half. Each session thereafter runs about one hour. Sessions are held in a private professional setting. Client/Hypnotherapist privledges is held in strict professional confidence. A copy of Client Bill of Rights will be provided before any services commence. Payment method: Cash or local check only

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Workshops

$60 per person

Small group session for Past Life Regression. THREE PERSON MINIMUM. $60.00 per person. Discover who you may have been in a past life. Do you have a soul mate? A soul mate is with you in many lifes throughout the evolution of your soul. During a session, I do an induction which enable relaxation then you travel in your subconcious back to a past life. Some phobias in this lifetime actually come from a past life. Fear of water may be associated with drowning in a prior life. Overeating may be a result of being starved in a past life. While Past Life Regression is a wonderful journey into our own soul it also has significant theraputic benefits. I encouage group sessions because everyone has an opportunity to talk about their experience and share. I am happy to do these in my home office or in a setting of your chosing.